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Hi, I'm Chung Tang. 

I help Financial Advisors Attract Clients with $500,000 or More in Investable Assets

How? I help them build a marketing funnel that doesn't require them to be technology experts... is compliant ... and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get setup, running, and generating leads and consultations with people who have $500,000 to $5M in investable assets.

Chung Tang in 98 words...

With 12+ years of online marketing and sales funnel experience, Chung Tang has helped over 306 business owners in 25 industries get leads, consultations, and clients — from Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planners, and Investment Advisors, to RIAs, Estate Planners, and CPAs.

On a personal note, Chung grew up playing hockey against Sidney Crosby (aka Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins) in Nova Scotia, Canada... making him apt to winning and helping his clients win in business. 

Since 2016, he has managed over $650,000 in Facebook advertising across of his client accounts.

If you're a Financial advisor looking to find and gain clients who can afford your services and have $1-5 million in investable assets, then you're in the right place.

How it all works:

STEP #1:
We Get You Qualified Leads

 A Financial Advisory Firm: within a few months of working together they went from 100 leads per year to 120 leads per month, doing 45 phone consultations, and closing 12 clients. 

Financial advisor - 1486 leads

Financial Advisor - from 100 leads/yr. to 120 leads/mo.

 An Estate Planning Lawyer: three ads written by me brought 30 people to their estate planning seminar.

 A Mortgage Company: my ad brought in 81 form submissions from people looking for a mortgage (including two that turned into a mortgage worth $5000 in business) on an ad cost of only $800. 

Mortgage Company - 81 targeted leads | $5000 in business.

 A Weight-Loss Gym: our ebook campaign beat their best ad and lowed their costs from $5 per lead to $2 per lead.

 A Coach: a 2-hour consultation resulted in him closing 2 deals worth $30,000 in business.

— A Family Advisory Company: the ad we created for them generated 365 targeted leads at a cost of only $3.91 per lead.

STEP #2:
We Nurture & Convert Those Leads Into Phone Consultations & Clients

 An eCommerce Company: our facebook ads converted 1.36% of cold traffic into sales, brining in 4728 sales for a total of $221,000 in revenue on a total ad cost of $91,000 — a 125% ROI.

eCommerce Company - 4,728 sales | 125% ROI

An Entertainment Company: In 57 days, the 9 ads we created for them brought 67 inquiries at a total ad spent of $1500. Each new customer is worth over $150 on the first transaction, and over $500 over the course of 1 year.

— A Marriage Coach: 4 weeks after our consultation, he generated his first client who paid him $5,000.

Don't see your type of business in there? Message me with what business you're in and I'll see if I have a case study on it.

Once new leads and clients are coming in...

STEP #3:
We Continue To Handle Everything Required To Bring In New Leads and Clients. That Means...

Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Managed

First, I'll write and design your Facebook advertising campaigns to attract your ideal clients, and push all the broke prospects away.

I'll set everything up including the Facebook Pixel, the audience targeting, the ad creative, and the reporting.

You'll have three advertising campaigns running, one for each stage of the funnel.

Attract, which is top of the funnel, for prospects who don't know you or your business.

Connect, which is middle of the funnel, for prospects who know you and your business, but aren't yet clients.

Convert, which is the bottom of the funnel, for prospects who have consumed a lot of your content and are ready to become clients.

Your Marketing Funnels Managed

After I create your Facebook advertising campaigns, I'll setup and write all the copy for your marketing funnel.

Your opt-in page. Check.
Your webinar registration page. Check.

Your appointment booking page. Check.
Your appointment show-up page. Check (Without this page, you'll see an average show-up rate of 30-40%.)
Your sales page. Check.

Your checkout page. Check.

Once the copy and the funnel is done, I'll connect it to your existing email service provider so it works and is ready to bring in leads for you.

Use Ontraport? Done.
Use Infusionsoft? Done.
Use Mailchimp? Done.
I have used over 8 different email service providers so if you have it, I will connect it no problem.

Your Email Campaigns Managed

After setting up your Facebook ad campaigns, and your marketing funnel, I'll write your lead nurturing and trust-building email series to begin the relationship building process.

These emails are designed to turn skeptical strangers into phone consultations on your calendar who want to explore what working with you might look like.

We'll begin with a Welcome email to welcome new leads... and set expectations for what they can expect from you.

Then we'll following up with emails that get them to reply and engage with you via email.

At least once a month, we'll run a live webinar to educate and present them an offer to take the next step with you.

The job of these emails is to connect, bond, and build trust with leads so when they're ready to hire an advisor, you're the one they pick, because of your emails and content.

Not Only Will Your Entire Marketing Get Looked After...You'll Also Receive Practical Advice On The Mental and Marketing Barriers & Blindspots That Is Slowing Down The Growth Of Your Business

Blindspots, we all have them.

Barriers that stops us from having the business we want, we all have them. These could be mental barriers, marketing barriers, messaging barriers...

Left to our own devices, we'll keep bumping up against the same blindspots and barriers until we eventually burn out and quit.

That's why you'll also receive unlimited access to me for advice and counsel when you become a marketing client. 

This is why even though I'm in my mid 30s... and 9/10 of my clients are 50+.... all around my father's age... they all pay me generously to advise them, even though I'm 20 years their junior. Why?

Experience. I know exactly how the online marketing space works... and when it comes to getting clients online who have $500,000 in investable assets to hire you, that's the value that I bring.

When you become a client, every goal becomes easier to achieve. Every obstacle becomes easier to solve.

"... exceeded our initial goal"

"It was amazing that finally and after 2 years I found a guy who can guarantee his work. I gave him a try and really the results has exceeded our initial goal according to the budget set."

George Hanna

"... transformed my website"

"The most creative marketing person I've met ! Chung's transformed my website and made it lively without much of my effort! I love your work!!"

Sue Lee

"... $108K retainer contract"

"Chung helped us generate a $6k project within 30 days of working together. Within 3 months, that project turned into a $108k retainer contract... a young man with integrity, I highly recommend him." 

Rick Kranz

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