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Here’s How To Get Your Online Marketing System Outlined and Customized To Attract Your Ideal Clients In Just 90-minutes…

You already know who your ideal clients are. 

You’ve spent years advising clients, managing money, creating retirement plans, and developing your specialized knowledge. 

The time consuming part is to get what’s in your head out on the Internet where it can start bringing you a lot more clients while helping more people benefit from what you offer.

That’s where the online marketing session comes in.

I’ve helped advisors just like you get your online marketing system outlined and customized to attract the clients you want in just 90 minutes.

The online marketing session is broken down into two parts:

PART ONE - begins with a 60-minute one-on-one Zoom call where the focus is on me walking away with five pieces of information:

  1. Clear picture of what you do, who you do it for, and what transformations your clients GET because of what you do.

  2. A deep understanding of the pain points you solve for your clients, what they care about, and what they want.

  3. What you offer prospective clients to want to set an appointment with you.

  4. What happens before, during, and after the first appointment.

  5. Main objections you hear for hiring you.

PART TWO - is where I’ll walk you through my 6-step A.C.C.E.S.S system. The same system that other advisors use to get appointments and grow AUM sales. 

I'll be customizing each step of the A.C.C.E.S.S. system based on the information you shared in part one to attract the clients you want.

Once the call is complete, you can take the value you received and go on your way... or you can ask me to help you with any step of the system.

What is the value of having someone with my experience... outline an online marketing system and customize it for your business... to attracts your ideal clients… knowing your income won't have to rely on cold outreach, seminars, or buying uninterested leads?

This online marketing session is about giving you the maximum clarity in minimum time… while paving the way for a systematic approach to attract the clients you want in just 90 minutes.

The fee is $250 for the first 90-minute session. Then it's $150-$200 per session after that depending on how many "consulting sessions" you buy.

Due to the demands of my time, this is the only option I have right now for prospective clients interested in exploring the possibility of working together.

If you’d like to speak about coaching, consulting, or have me outline and customize an online marketing system to attract your ideal clients, simply:

Partial List of Clients I've Had The Privilege To Work With:

Elke Rubach (Consulting, Ads, Funnel)

Dan Martell (Copywriting)

Brad Hart (Consulting)

Audri Lanford (Consulting, Copywriting)

Dan McCarty (Consulting)

Troy Royster (Consulting)

Nick Tarasscio (Consulting, Copywriting)

Joshua Holt (Consulting, Ads, Funnel)

Walter Monterio (Consulting, Ads, Funnel)

Lara Katz (Consulting, Ads)

Morris Sutton (Consulting, Ads)

Lauren Williams (Consulting)

Kirk K (Team consulting)

Jeff Jones (Consulting)

Matthew London (Consulting)

Chris Berry (Consulting, Ads, Funnel)

Alex Kutsishin (Consulting & Copywriting)

Brenden Dell (Consulting)

Adjoa Skinner (Coaching)

Wayne Hatter (Consulting, Ads)

Tom Spiggle (Consulting)

Fred Cercena (Consulting, Copywriting, Sales Funnel)

Spencer Farrell (Consulting)

Samantha Stein (Consulting)

Bradley Callow (Consulting, Ads, Funnel)

Paul Deloughery (Consulting, Ads, Webinar)

Julianna Dawson (Consulting, Ads, Funnel)

Adrian Rivera (Consulting, Ads, Funnel)

Stephen Baars (Consulting, Ads, Funnel)

Malte Holmes (Consulting, Ads)

Kalika Yap (Consulting)

Wleed Haq (Consulting, Email Copywriting)

Jen Sterling (Consulting)

Preston McKissack (Consulting)

Kevin Murray (Consulting, Ads)

Richard Stanton (Consulting)

Scott Ballard (Consulting)

Jonny Deacon (Consulting)

Ron Plonis (Consulting)