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Digital Marketing Advisory

A 12-month digital marketing advisory and implementation program to help you generate new leads and make more sales.

If you commit yourself for 12 months, my promise is that by the end of the program you will be averaging an extra $20,000 per month in revenue. This is on top of what you're already doing.

AND you will be working less hours and doing less work overall.

The goal isn't to make more at the expense of working more. I'm not interested in making more if I have to work more than I already do. My guess is neither are you.

So the goal during our time together is help you make more while helping you work less. That's the only goal. And it can only happen when you have three things figured out, in place and are working when you're not:

1) A consistent flow of leads (500 per month) coming into your business that you didn't have to manually generate yourself or spend tons on advertising to get.

2) An offer that converts leads (1.5%) into sales and clients without you having to do "strategy or breakthrough sessions" or dealing with no-shows and tire-kickers.

3) A weekly follow-up campaign that nurtures "not-ready leads" and inspires them to take action and enroll in your program when they're ready.

Here's a small list of what I can help you with...

  • Write emails that inspires and makes sales
  • Setup & trouble shooting campaigns in Keap (FKA Infusionsoft)
  • Build your email list with Facebook advertising
  • Build your email list with your YouTube Channel
  • Build your website, landing pages, sales pages 
  • Provide advice, accountability, and direction
  • Make more sales and make life easier for you

Satisfaction Guarantee... 

If at the end of 12 months, you're not happy with our partnership, I will delay your next quarterly payment and fix the situation.

Results Promise...

If at the end of 12 months, you're not making at least $20,000 in revenue PER MONTH, I will delay your next quarterly payment and help you get back on track.



Today's payment
Refundable Application Fee                    $100

Quarterly payment
If you're accepted as a client                 $5500